Moving Home

Moving Home

There are so many things that could make one to move homes. You might:

  • Change a job
  • Raise a family
  • Downsize
  • Move to a new school

Any of these situations could mean that there is a change in your financial status so there are things that you must consider before you make final plans.

Your current lender might not offer you the best mortgage

It is quite logical for you to go back to your current lender if you have received a good service from them. But your existing lender might not give you a good deal that will fit your situation. This is because the mortgage market is quite complex and various deals are launched and withdrawn.

A mortgage broker will give you access to a wider range of mortgages. This includes specialist mortgages for people with complex situations. If you decide to go straight up and your application is not approved, you might waste a lot of time contacting another lender and you will miss out on the property that you have been searching for.


  • We don’t just recommend a generic program for you. We will find you a tailor-made solution that will meet your needs perfectly. We’ll ask you the right questions that will help us come up with a good mortgage that will help you avoid any needless cost. We’ll find you the right mortgage that is flexible enough to meet your needs.
  • If you are moving home because you have just had a child, you might be in the same house till when the child starts college. You might also need to change houses when you have more children because you need a more spacious property.
  • You need to think well about where you will be in the future. This way, you can make the right decisions and see whether you can avoid all unnecessary costs. You can also identify any feature that is needed in your mortgage to meet your long-term loans. You might require repayment holidays, low early repayment charges and other features in your mortgage.

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